“We have worked with the MS Shift program for about 6 months now and it is incredible how seamlessly it has worked into our daily schedules assisting guests! From the itinerary feature to the texting guests feature, MS Shift has made it so much easier for us to do our jobs quickly and leaves us more time to interact with our guests on a more personal level. Stephanie and her team have been so helpful with 24/7 support and customizing the software for our particular hotel. Highly recommend MS Shift for all Concierge desks!”

Malia Hurtado, Concierge, Palace Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, San Francisco
Member of Les Clefs d’Or USA | NCCA
“MS SHIFT has created an outstanding Concierge software program. Unlike other systems out there today, they have created a platform exclusively for the Concierge. One that is customized to each property and each Concierge. MS SHIFT provides excellent training and continued support . The system is seamless and user-friendly, offering todays Concierge the most modern of technology. They are very professional and are always readily available to assist. As a Concierge, I have used several programs through the years. MS SHIFT is by far the best!”

Mark S. Peak, Chief Concierge, THE US GRANT, A Luxury Collection Hotel
Member of Les Clefs d’Or USA | SDCA
“MS Shift was built from the heart of a Concierge; filling the needs for our intense daily interaction with our world-wise guests. It’s format is very eye-pleasing, built to our needs, offers quick access to OpenTable for reservations availability, and the ability to text and email directly from the task is brilliant! The MS Shift support team has been very accommodating with tech glitches we’ve had during our transition – a learning curve for all! It’s a work in progress – one we’re happy to build into the best system!”

Harald Mootz, Assistant Chef Concierge, The St. Regis New York
Member of Les Clefs d'Or USA | NYCAHC
“MS Shift is the future for our industry. It begins and ends with the professionalism of their team and the genuine care they show in making sure the system is right for you. The software itself is user friendly, malleable and compliant in all the right ways. MS Shift helps you work smarter which at the end of the day will benefit your team and more importantly your guest.”

Diego Chinigò, Concierge, Lotte New York Palace
Member of Les Clefs d'Or USA | NYCAHC
“From the first initial technical presentation by your knowledgeable and courteous Staff, to the actual installation, to the wonderful support, assistance and collaboration with our Concierge team throughout the process, it has been such as pleasure welcoming MS SHIFT into our busy Concierge operations! Using MS Shift daily when making reservations, organizing, confirming, searching in action and customizing is overall a flawless, efficient and professional experience every day for our entire team.”

Polina Rose, Senior Concierge, New York Marriott Marquis
Member of Les Clefs d'Or USA | NYCAHC
“Our Concierge team has reduced considerably the time spent arranging reservations, sending confirmations and providing proper follow up. We have done away with various other logs and become more efficient. For me, having better control of the department tasks, reports and Concierge productivity is very useful. Also, the technical support is the best.”

Mario Laguna, Chef Concierge, InterContinental Presidente Mexico City
"At last—a system that’s fast, elegant and intuitive. And best of all, my correspondence with guests is easily customized; I can make it look the way I want it to and I no longer have to compromise."

John Mark Hopkins, Chef Concierge, The Lowell Hotel
“Our Concierge team at The Benjamin is beyond impressed with the total package offered from MS Shift! Our experience with everything from the training, to implementation, and follow up support has been exceptional. We really received a patient and professional touch from the entire team at MS and we are very proud to utilize this system everyday with success. The user friendly functions as well as detailed, organized layouts are essential to our needs here at the Concierge desk. Not only are we pleased to proclaim our experiences so far, we are proud to be the voice to our colleagues and friends so that they may jump on board with this huge upgrade to our livelihood.”

Sarah Pesek, Concierge, The Benjamin
Member of Les Clefs d'Or USA | NYCAHC
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